Giovanni Iglesias (born June 28, 1981) in East MeadowLong Island, known professionally as DJ GIOVANNI is an American music producerDJremixer, and the founder of Darknite Studios. 


    Giovanni Iglesias was born in Queens, New York and raised in East MeadowLong Island. Since the age of 6, he was faced with many challenges, due to being born with Cholesteatoma, a destructive ear condition which left him with 70% of hearing loss inflicted to both ears. For most of his childhood, he struggled with homeschooling, lack of interpersonal communication of peers and constant surgery to correct his hearing impediment. Ironically, his interest for music sparked at a young age, and despite of his condition, at the age of 13, he began DJing as a hobby. He continued to endure many years assiduously in and out of surgeries and after a total of 21 surgeries later, under the care of DR. Emmett E. Campbell, M.D, he was able to overcome his calamity. In 2000, he began his professional career in the music industry as a Disk Jockey calling himself DJ Giovanni, also known as the “The International Deaf DJ".  In 2005, he wore hearing aids, provided by the Starkey Hearing Foundation and began producing his own music. Giovanni remarkably persevered his passion for music, despite his frustration and the obstacles he had to conquer on a daily basis with his hearing obstruction. 

    In 2001, Giovanni began interning at Long Island’s WLIR 92.7 FM and it’s relevant station, WDRE Party 105.3 FM. In 2003, DJ Giovanni branched out into the Big Apple and began spinning at the most illustrious nightclubs that New York had to offer, including venues such as Spirit known as Twilo, Avalon known as The Limelight and Roxy. Giovanni also opened up for established DJs in house music industry that featured Serge DevantJohnny Vicious, and Tony Draper.

    In 2004, DJ Giovanni became a radio board operator for Long Island NY’s WBLI 106.1 FM where he helped co-produced “The Chris Cruz Show” featuring Chris Ortiz himself. Cruz aka Chris Ortiz of Clear Channel “Y100” (South Florida). Chris encouraged Giovanni and propelled him to a new level with his unique mix tapes and aptitude for music. Conclusively, DJ Giovanni became extremely proficient & dynamic with his mix tapes that it was one of the major factor for his prevalence and still is to present day.

    In 2005, DJ Giovanni began touring South America. He intermittently spent time addressing the Guayaquil press, placating reporters with interviews, and performing shows in La Playa de Salinas. He hosted huge parties in Montanita and reved up the turntables at one of the most sophisticated night clubs, including Frodia, Club Nassau and Nisha Lounge in the second largest city in Ecuador. His travels led him with a large fan base and people saw the sheer potential and dedication that DJ Giovanni possesed.  

    Things soon escalated, and in 2007, he gained residency at one of New York City’s most prominent nightclubs, Webster Hall NYC. He spun Thursday night’s, also known as “Girls Night Out”, until 2008. From 2008 to 2009, DJ Giovanni began implementing his creativity on several projects within production and utilized his talents to his full potential as he became the Assistant Promotional Director, Board Operator and Live Event DJ at WNYZ Pulse 87.7 FM, New York's most notorious dance station. At Pulse 87, he dedicated himself to representing the listeners as well as the club scene throughout the Tri-State area. Giovanni established himself within the company and became recognized as a well-known entertainer and dynamo. 

    In 2012, DJ Giovanni returned to his weekly residency at Webster Hall NYC for Friday’s “Girls & Boys” and Saturday’s “Brite Nites”, formerly known as “Circus”. In 2013, Giovanni created Darknite Studios, with partner, DJ Uch (Vice president of Black Storm Music, owner of Levan Records; producer and skilled engineer.) Giovanni also created a company in 2014 called “Live Life Love Music™”, an association to facilitate upcoming artists & musicians to showcase their talents as well as granting them a chance to gain exposure and recognition. He formed a dedicated staff under the name Team Darknite, which is composed of talented producers, audio engineers, songwriters, graphic designers, 3D animators, film and video editors. With the help of Team Darknite, his dedication and indefatigability soon granted him a contract with Nervous Records. DJ Giovanni remains as a music producer/remixer, doing guest appearances in NYC as well as internationally and currently holds his residency every Friday and Saturday nights at Webster Hall, NYC.

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